Taxes in Montville Township

No Montville Township Income Taxes

There are two types of local income taxes permitted by law in the State of Ohio: a resident income tax and a work city income tax. There is no income tax for Montville Township, so residents here do not need to file any local form for time lived in Montville Township. By law, a township cannot access a resident income tax in any township in Ohio. The township provides services to their residents with operating monies collected from property taxes and special levies, such as police, fire and ambulance.

If you work in any city with a Joint Economic Development District (JEDD), your employer deducts a local work city income tax. In Medina City and in the Montville/Medina City JEDD, that tax is currently 1.25% of your gross wages. The collection of this money helps the community provide for road repair, snow removal and police/fire/ambulance service.

Local income taxes are based on where you live. In Montville Township, there are no income taxes. If you live in Medina City, you need to file their income tax form as a resident and pay their taxes regardless of where you work. If you have moved to Montville Township during the previous year, you still need to file a city income tax form to the city of your previous residence showing the date you moved out of the City and into Montville Township.