Contact Information


Township Officers:

 Name  Title  Phone Number
 Sally Albrecht Trustee, Chair  321-3616 (Cell)  email
 Ron Bischof Trustee, Vice Chair  725-5791 (Home)  email
 Jeff Brandon Trustee  725-1222 (Home)  email
 Mary Pawlowski Fiscal Officer  723-1816 (Work)  email

Planning & Zoning Office:

 Name  Title  Phone Number
 Paul Jeffers Planning & Zoning Director / WCM / Senior Snow Removal  725-8313 x 1202  email

Recording Secretaries:

 Name  Title  Phone Number
 Bonnie Schwehm Zoning Office Secretary, ZC & BZA Recording Secretary  725-8313 x 1203  email
 Elaine Klafczynski Recording Secretary  725-8313 x 1203  email

Zoning Commission (ZC):

 Name  Title  Phone Number
 Elayne Siegfried Zoning Commission, Chair  725-8313 (Zoning Office)  
 Dave Wetzel Zoning Commission, Vice Chair  725-8313 (Zoning Office)  

Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA):

 Name  Title  Phone Number
 Allen Biehl Bd of Zoning Appeals, Chair  725-8313 (Zoning Office)  
 Rebecca Molnar Bd of Zoning Appeals, Vice Chair  725-8313 (Zoning Office)  

Service Department:

 Name  Title  Phone Number
 Chris Kosman Service Director  725-0273 (Maint. Office)  email


 Name  Title  Phone Number
 Call Service Dept. Sexton  725-0273 (Maint. Office)  email

Police Department:

 Name  Title  Phone Number
 Terry Grice Police Chief, Safety Service Director  725-8314 x 1600  email
 Rebecca Byrne Executive Assistant  725-8314 x 1690  email
 Sandi Gorfido Administrative Assistant  725-8314 x 1600  email
 Sandra Belsole Administrative Assistant  725-8314 x 1600  email