Montville Township Profile & Demographics

Population Growth

The 2010 Census shows that Montville Township grew by 59.3% in just 10 years to 11,185.  That compares to a population growth of just over 8% for the total United States.  Montville Township is the largest of the 17 townships in Medina County.  

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Home Ownership and Household Income

Montville Township is characterized a stable and proserous population with a high percentage of owner-occupied housing units (83.8%) and a median household income ($95,644) that is considerably above the state of Ohio.

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Educated & Skilled Workforce

Montville Township has a built-in skilled and educated workforce.  Based on the 2010 Census, 93% of the adult residents have at least a high school education. Almost 64% have at least some college.

  • Graduate Degree 8.4%
  • Bachelor’s Degree 25.9%
  • Associate Degree 8.9%
  • Some College 20.7%
  • High School 29.1%
  • Some High School 5.0%
  • No High School 2.1%

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