Why Do Business In Montville?

Montville Township is a Consumer Based Community

Montville Township represents a consumer based community of recently developed rural but elite residential communities with a family oriented foundation and with 75% of household median incomes in the $50,000.00 - $200,000.00 range. The township has doubled its population from 5400 in 2000 to nearly 12,000 today with the development of comprehensively zoned and planned neighborhoods with adjoining commercial opportunities and the infrastructure for supported businesses.

Easily Accessible Network of Highways, Nearby Metro Areas & Convenient Airports

Montville Township is sustained by a system of highway networks and is easily accessible to the nearby larger metropolitan areas (i.e., Akron and Cleveland) while retaining its suburban rural character. Situated less than 30 minutes from both the Akron and Cleveland Airports, Montville Township welcomes new companies and business, offers an ideal location for growth and development, as well as an abundant and educated base of potential employees and other staff to meet new workforce opportunities.

Montville Township Trustees meet on a regular basis with the Medina County Economic Development Corporation and the City of Medina’s Economic Development Department to discuss job retention and new business opportunities for our region.

Joint Economic Development District

The Joint Economic Development District (JEDD), was entered into with the City of Medina to enhance the development of the undeveloped portion of the township by offering assistance with infrastructure, landscaping and other financial areas as defined by the JEDD Agreement. In addition to the heightened opportunities for assistance, the City of Medina agreed to no annexation for the next 100 years and eliminated and Sports Activity Fee (SAP) for the residents of Montville Township.

The trustees recently expanded the original JEDD district to include additional commercial properties to become JEDD members. Financial incentives are available to new businesses entering the JEDD based on their current or projected payrolls. A portion of JEDD revenues are set aside to reinvest back into the businesses participating in the JEDD to help offset costs of development.