How do we notify of closings & repairs?

Residents are notified of planned road closings in advance on the home page of the website.

Maintenance involves mowing the road sides at least twice a year, and maintaining the ditches by picking up trash and grading them as needed. Roadside trees and brush are trimmed regularly,and regulatory and warning signs are maintained. Often during the year, there are pot holes that need to be filled, and culverts and catch basins that need replaced.

Who maintains which roads?

The State of Ohio maintains 15 miles of township roads.  Medina County maintains 12 miles of township roads and the remaining 52 miles of township roads are maintained by Montville Township staff.  

How do we prepare for snow?

Montville Township Maintenance staff prepare for snow by routinely keeping all equipment ready for salting and plowing the roads. The trucks, salt spreaders and spinners are inspected and adjusted so they are ready to be loaded when need be. The plows are greased after every use to make sure they are maintained in proper working order. The trucks are also checked to be sure that all fluid levels are correct and the windshield wipers are working properly. The warning lights are checked periodically to be sure that they are all working. They reorder salt to keep the salt barn full during the winter.

After an overnight snowfall, Montville Township maintenance staff come in at 4 am to clean the roads before the school busses pick up children for school. Roads are salted throughout the day to prevent them from becoming slippery. Staff tour the roads annually to determine when roads are in need of repair.

Montville Township will repair or replace mailboxes when townshi8p snow plows hit them, but they do not repair or replace a mailbox if it was knocked down by the snow.